Electrical safety equipment such as earthing devices, operating poles, voltage detectors has to be maintained in good condition in order to avoid a deterioration of the protective effect.

The courses give the participants an increased understanding for the importance of using approved and inspected tools. In addition, they provide knowledge concerning the purpose of the visual inspection before use and what there is to be tested. Simultaneously, it gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues with whom you can discuss questions, problems and solutions that you have in common.

The intermediate course gives the participants the opportunity to practice their knowledge of inspection/judgement of earthing equipment and voltage detectors.

The courses take place at Ragnar Stålskog AB’s premises, where it is possible to study the manufacturing process. This gives a good understanding of the tools’ function and their construction.

After having completed the course, the participants receive a diploma.  


  • Working in live facilities is always risky!
  • Even low voltages can be directly life-threatening.
  • Therefore it is vital that you always use reliable earthing equipment, operating poles and voltage detectors.