Ragnar Stålskog AB was founded in 1955 by engineer Ragnar Stålskog as a response to a great demand for reliable earthing tools for power stations.

The equipment available at that time did not meet the new demands being made. A number of accidents happened on account of inferior tools, and the Swedish power industry was unable to find suitable products on the market.  

Close co-operation started with customers, standards committees, research institutes and authorities. The company took on the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Intensive research and development led to the designing of unique solutions. Field and laboratory tests resulted in equipment which was able to meet requirements by a comfortable margin. Among other things, the company developed a method of producing glass fibre-reinforced polyester tubes and was one of the first companies in Europe to manufacture this type of tubes.

The reputation of the company grew quickly within the industry, and several of the major power companies showed an interest in its products.

Its tools were very reliable and easy to handle, and they were rated very highly by users. The choice of materials used, along with careful manufacture, resulted in products which were safe, easy to handle and had a long service life. Customers’ demands for more and more improved quality meant that the industry was rationalised.

Demand rose and deliveries took place on a large scale throughout the entire country. Denmark, Finland and Norway showed an interest in the new designs, and soon the systems promoted by Ragnar Stålskog AB were market leaders in the Nordic countries.

Nowadays Ragnar Stålskog AB products can be found all over the world and in the most severe environments. The company become a household name in in the Nordic countries and has an extremely good reputation all over the world.



  • Working in live facilities is always risky!
  • Even low voltages can be directly life-threatening.
  • Therefore it is vital that you always use reliable earthing equipment, operating poles and voltage detectors.