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JK 23

Earthing device with universal clamp type JK 23
In conformity with SS-EN 61230 for max 16 kA/1s.
Earthing device with clamp type JK 23 is new designed to be used in switchgear cubicals. The clamp JK 23 has a wide range of application such as ball bolt, bus bar, tube and conductor. The earthing device has sealed cable lugs, which prevent humidity from penetrating the cable. The highly flexible orange coloured ESTPR – insulated earthing cable, keeps its flexibility also at very low ambient temperature. The conducting parts of the clamp are made of nickel-plated aluminium bronze. Steel components are made of stainless steel, which gives a long lasting life and good function. The earthing cable, can also be fitted to the back side of the clamp JK 23 V, which can be useful in applications to the earthing point.
The clamp JK 23 can be fitted to ball bolt, bus bar, tube and conductors with following dimensions:
Ball bolt: Ø= 20 mm
Bus bar: up to 20 mm
Conductor/tube: Ø= 6 -20 mm
Ratedcurrent max: 16 kA/1s
Weight: 0,77 kg
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